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    How to prepare for connected learning

    • While course delivery is paused, TAFE NSW remains open so our students can continue to access a range of services including counselling, disability and technology access support.
    • TAFE NSW teachers are in the process of rolling out a greater range of online resources so that you can continue to study your course via connected delivery from 27 April. Your teacher will contact you directly to advise what this means for you and how your course will continue.
    • If you have any questions, please contact 131 601 to speak with the TAFE NSW customer support team.

     Connected learning resources

    TAFE NSW libraries offer on-campus services for Term 2.

    This is in addition to the already available online support  including LibChat , online, email and phone assistance, will continue to be offered to support online delivery.

    To ensure the health and safety of all:

    • Access to physical collections at all locations will be via ‘click and collect’ services.
    • The physical capacity of each space is displayed at entrances. Limits are monitored and enforced for the safety of all.
    • PPE and sanitising products are available.
    • Libraries may only be used for course-related work.

    What is connected learning?

    • Connected learning is when students learn with a teacher and other students via web conferencing technology as part of a virtual classroom.
    • Teachers lead a virtual classroom that is accessed by students in different locations at the same time. They typically include interactive exercises, which are an effective way of building knowledge and embedding skills.

    Benefits for students

    Connected learning enables students and teachers to connect and continue their learning program while practising social distancing. Students benefit from:

    • Having a teacher guiding their class and guiding them through a wide range of learning activities
    • Guidance and support to help them stay on track.
    • Access to classmates and social interaction with peers within a virtual classroom
    • Learning valuable remote working skills, which are increasingly important in modern workplaces.

    Is connected learning the same as online learning?

    • Connected Learning is different from online delivery in that student and teachers connect in real-time via web-conferencing.
    • Online learning is more self-paced and self-directed. 

    Set up for success

    • Identify a suitable and safe work space away from distractions.
    • Set a routine, such as a start and end time, lunch break and work plan.

    Student travel concessions during connected learning

    • The switch to connected learning will not affect student eligibility for transport concessions.
    • Transport for NSW has confirmed that it will honour existing concession entitlements for Semester One, regardless of hours spent on campus.

    Studying in Term 2 Frequently Asked Questions

    From 27 April, TAFE NSW will progressively recommence delivery to students through a combination of connected, online, blended, remote, distance, or modified face-to-face learning. 

    No matter how training is delivered, TAFE NSW has state-wide guidelines, and risk management practices in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all staff and students.

    Here’s a few frequently asked questions to help you prepare for Term 2 study. Information and online resources for students is also available on the TAFE NSW Student Readiness page and the TAFE NSW Connected Learning Page. If you need more help call us on 131 601 Monday to Friday 8am to 5.45pm.

    How do I activate my TAFE NSW account?

    You can activate your account in six steps:

    1. Click on the link for Account activation in the Welcome to TAFE NSW email you received when you enrolled.
    2. Enter your User ID provided in the email e.g. firstname.lastname1
    3. Enter the security code sent to your personal email address.
    4. Establish a password that is secure and meets TAFE password requirements.
    5. Login to TAFE NSW portal with your User ID and password.
    6. Click on My Details to provide your personal email address for password recovery if you forget your password.

    How do I reset my password?

    Click on 'forgot your password' to reset your password.

    You will need to have previously provided your personal email address, which we will use to send you instructions on how to reset your password.

    As a reminder, your student user ID is firstname.lastname.

    If you complete this password recovery step, and something doesn't work, call 131 601 for help.

    How do I access the student portal?

    You can login into the TAFE NSW Student Portal via https://my.tafensw.edu.au using your TAFE NSW username@studytafensw.edu.au (e.g.jane.smith3@studytafensw.edu.au) and  password. 
    If you are having trouble, here's a guide to help you access the TAFE NSW Student Portal and your Learner Portal.

    How do I access my TAFE NSW email?

    To get started, use the email link on the Student Portal via https://my.tafensw.edu.au.

    If you are having trouble, here's a guide to help you access your TAFE NSW email.

    How do I access Microsoft Office 365?

    By signing in to your Office 365 account, you will be able to access the apps you need to get your work done and collaborate with other students and your teachers. 

    To access your TAFE NSW Office 365 account, you'll need the following: 

    1. Access to a modern web browser (for example Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox 
    2. Your TAFE username and password (provided to you at enrolment)

    How to sign in:

    1. Head to https://office.com
    2. Sign in with your TAFE NSW username@studytafensw.edu.au (e.g. jane.smith3@studytafensw.edu.au) and the password you were issued when you enrolled.

    To get started with TAFE NSW's Office 365 tools, check out this useful guide.

    How do I install Microsoft Office 365?

    Here's a guide to help you install Office 365 applications.

    How do I use Microsoft Teams?

    Here's a guide about using Microsoft Teams for study at TAFE NSW.

    How do I connect to Adobe Connect?

    TAFE NSW uses several web conferencing technology platforms to connect students and teachers, including Adobe Connect. 
    You can get started with this overall Student Guide for Adobe Connect

    The following guides can walk you through how to access your Adobe Connect Room, including from different types of devices and operating systems.

    How will practical, face to face lessons happen?

    Modified face to face training will continue when it is needed, with practical exercises adjusted for social distancing and hygiene practices. All modified face to face delivery is subject to an approved plan that ensures all health and safety impacts have been identified, assessed, and mitigated. 

    No matter how training is delivered, TAFE NSW has state-wide guidelines and risk management practices in place to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all staff and students.

    These guidelines and principles allow for teaching teams to implement a locally developed response, which factors in the size, space, and availability of leaning facilities, student numbers and needs, as well as accounting for other individual factors.  

    For specific questions about practical lessons as part of your study program, please contact your teacher.