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    COVID-19 and your TAFE NSW training

    TAFE NSW has introduced a range of proactive measures to limit the impact of COVID-19 and support you in continuing your study.

    At the same time, we are continually evaluating our approaches to ensure your safety and wellbeing so that you can continue to access quality education at TAFE NSW. 

    TAFE NSW paused delivery of courses for four weeks from 30 March so teachers could prepare for the transition to connected and blended delivery from the beginning of Term 2, 27 April.

    What is connected learning?

    • Classes delivered via connected learning is when students are learning with a teacher and each other via web conferencing technology as part of a virtual classroom. Below are a few tips for those who are new to web conferencing.

    Speak up in class

    • We know it can be daunting stopping a class to ask questions but it is important because if you don’t understand something others might not either.
    • You can go off mute then:
    • Say the teachers name to get their attention
    • Say your name so they can see you
    • Ask your question.

    Signal to the class

    • If you have spoken recently you will be up on the screen. If so, you can use a hand signal to let the teacher know you have a question or something to say.

    Send to the chat field

    • Use the chat field in your web conferencing platform to ask a question or make a comment and your teacher will get to it when they take questions.

    Mute button

    • Stay on mute until you need to speak.